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P9. MRHS group 1987.jpg

The original members of the Society in 1987. From left to right: Edith MacPherson, Eva MacRae, Charlotte MacIver, Catherine MacLean, Johnie Sam Nicholson, Alena MacRae, Wallace MacRae, Mabel MacKenzie & Peggy MacLeod.      Photo courtesy of Ruth MacLean.

Crowdis Mt. School marker (1) 2018 Ed1.j

C. Barrett

Site of the Crowdis Mt. School in the late 1800s. One of several plaques placed by the Historical Society to mark the sites of the early schools in the Middle River area.

Farquharson Church bell (1) 15 11 19 E1.

The bell in Farquharson Presbyterian Church in Middle River. The inscription reads:

Presented by the young people of Middle River residing in the United States and elsewhere.

McShane Bell Foundry, Baltimore, Maryland 1907

Cellar at Coire Mhor (2) 1 6 14 Ed1.jpg

C. Barrett

C. Barrett

Forgotten Places: one of the many stone foundations scattered throughout the valley and surrounding hills--remnants of the humble homes of the early settlers.

John Finlayson cellar 23 5 19 Ed1.jpg

C. Barrett

Pioneer John Finlayson cellar on Miley's Mountain.

Crowdis Mt. 665544, 5115028. 31-5-17.JPG

C. Barrett

Almost lost to memory: Cellar at former homestead on Crowdis Mountain.

Urquhart property stone fence (1) 19 11

C. Barrett

Stone fence, Indian Brook

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